Urge These Companies to Stop Supporting Lolita the Orca’s Suffering

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Lolita the orca has been confined to the world’s smallest and oldest orca tank for over a half century at the Miami Seaquarium. Despite global calls for Lolita’s release to a seaside sanctuary, some companies are risking their reputations by propping up the sinking abusement park. We need your help to urge them to end their sponsorships.

Orcas are highly social and emotional beings. In the wild, they often stay with their mothers for their entire lives. But Lolita was violently ripped from her pod 52 years ago, and has been without the companionship of another orca since 1980, when her tankmate, Hugo, died after bashing his head into the wall repeatedly. This is a form of speciesism—a human-supremacist worldview, and it must end.

Earlier this year, a whistleblower reported that Lolita was deathly ill. The good news is that a recent independent veterinary evaluation indicated that she’s on the mend—but she needs to be moved to a seaside sanctuary before it’s too late.

Please urge sponsors to end their business partnerships with the Miami Seaquarium.

Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau
Florida Attractions Association
Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

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