Tell McDonald's: It's Time for Vegan Options

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Updated December 21, 2018: Thanks to people like you, who demand vegan options, in December 2018, McDonald's showed signs of progress by adding the vegan McAloo Tikki burger—from its menu in India—to its Chicago flagship eatery's menu. At the end of 2017, McDonald's announced the debut of a different vegan burger, the McVegan, at its restaurants in Finland and Sweden. It joined veggie burgers that the chain already offered in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, and the U.K. It's high time that McDonald's added a vegan burger to all its U.S. menus.

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Numerous fast-food and fast-casual restaurant chains—including Burger 21, BurgerFi, The Cheesecake Factory, Denny's, Johnny Rockets, Red Robin, TGI Fridays, White Castle, and Yard House—have responded to demand by offering vegan burgers. By contrast, McDonald's has earned a dismal F- on PETA's "report card" ranking vegan-friendly burger chains, as only a small side salad is suitable for vegans—even the French fries are cooked with beef flavoring.

Now that more people than ever are going vegan in order to benefit animals, the environment, and their health, the time is ripe for McDonald's to branch out and offer vegan meals, including veggie burgers, vegan nuggets, and faux-fish fillets. Please drop the company a quick, polite note to let it know that you'd like to see vegan items on U.S. menus.


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