Parents: Join the Movement to End Animal Dissection

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PETA’s Replacing Animals in Science Education (RAISE) Coalition aims to end the use of animals in classrooms on the basis of educational, ethical, environmental, and student-safety factors. It supports and empowers school districts to embrace the exclusive use of modern, non-animal dissection teaching methods through district policies and legislation.

Leaders in education, science, and medicine are joining the effort—and we need compassionate parents like you to lend your voice to help stop millions of animals from being killed for classroom dissection every year.

Replacing animal dissection in the classroom with modern, humane methods does the following:

  • Spares animals and aligns with principles of social-emotional learning
    Interactive software programs and realistic dissectible models avoid the ethical pitfalls of killing animals for science education and are more inclusive and trauma-free.
  • Promotes women in STEM
    Studies have shown that as many as 25% of secondary students object to dissecting animals and that it can even turn some—particularly female students—away from taking science classes and pursuing careers in biology and the medical field. Although many states and districts give students the right to opt out of animal dissection activities, this places an unfair burden on students to make a choice that goes against their teacher’s expectations and may cause them to be ostracized or bullied.
  • Enhances learning
    Students who use animal-free dissection tools perform better in learning assessments than those who dissect animals, according to peer-reviewed literature.
  • Improves classroom safety and efficiency
    Advantages of non-animal dissection resources include little or no setup or cleanup, no toxic preservative chemicals (e.g., formaldehyde), the ability to be customized, and—unlike dead animals—the ability to be reused.

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