Gentle Goats Cut Up for Mohair and Cashmere—Tell H&M to Stop Supporting This Abuse

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H&M is betraying animals and its customers by reversing its mohair and cashmere bans, so shoppers should assume that all its mohair and cashmere products came from mutilated goats.

H&M previously agreed to stop sourcing mohair after PETA Asia’s disturbing investigation into the South African mohair industry revealed that workers roughly handled, threw around, mutilated, and cut the throats of fully conscious goats. The company made a similar commitment to ban cashmere after PETA Asia revealed that goats screamed in pain and fear as workers tore their hair out with sharp metal combs. After goats are exploited for cashmere, their throats are slit in slaughterhouses and they’re left to die in agony.

But now H&M has reneged on these commitments and hides behind the deceptively named Responsible Mohair Standard, which fails to protect goats from abuse. In fact, this standard allows workers to castrate goats and cut off parts of their ears without any pain relief and offers no protection for goats during slaughter—when workers shoot them in the head or slit their throats. In addition, H&M is reintroducing cashmere into its line under cover of the absurdly named Good Cashmere Standard that it helped develop. Among numerous other failures, this standard allows untrained farmers to kill baby goats by using blunt force trauma and doesn’t require the certification of off-farm slaughter sites, which could be similar to facilities where PETA Asia eyewitnesses found workers hitting goats on the head with a hammer and slitting their throats.

The mohair and cashmere industries cause death. If goats don’t die from exposure, neglect, or violent shearing, they’re slaughtered. No sweater or cardigan is worth this suffering.

Goats form meaningful relationships and strong bonds with each other and their human guardians. They’ve even been known to wag their tails and jump for joy when they’re happy. H&M must protect goats and its customers by ending its reliance on misleading “humane” labels, ditching mohair and cashmere altogether as so many other retailers have, and focusing on the wonderful vegan materials it already sells. The company has already banned angora, fur, exotic skins, and other animal-derived materials, so it’s clear that it can and will take action for animals when it’s under enough pressure to do so.

Speak up for goats—urge H&M to ban mohair and cashmere!

Ryman Ericsson

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