Help Bears Exploited and Forced to Perform at Bearadise Ranch Show!

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Despite knowing about the serious animal welfare and public-safety issues with the Bears of Bearadise Ranch traveling show, some fairs still plan to host the cruel and dangerous spectacle! Please let event organizers know that this archaic form of entertainment should be relegated to the history books.

A state inspection at the Florida State Fair found that when not performing, this bear was kept in a cramped travel cage.

In nature, bears spend their time climbing, digging, foraging, and exploring diverse terrain. But Bearadise Ranch keeps these complex animals inside cramped transport cages in which they can barely turn around, let alone avoid their own waste. Forcing bears to perform tricks that have no meaning to them, such as pushing carts, balancing on ladders, and pulling hoops over their heads, is a form of speciesism—discrimination based solely on species membership.

The cruel shows also put the public at risk because of the bears’ size, strength, speed, long claws, and sharp teeth. In fact, Welde’s home facility in Florida, called Bearadise Ranch, forced a bear to perform during a wedding ceremony and brought the animal into dangerously close proximity to attendees. After receiving and apparently ignoring a warning for violations of state captive wildlife laws over the stunt, the facility allowed a reporter to enter an enclosure and feed a bear on live TV, for which authorities issued the owner a misdemeanor citation.

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Please send polite emails to Andy Bruggeman, President of Hancock County Fairgrounds, at [email protected]. Then, use the form below to tell other fairs planning to host this bear show that events filled with noisy crowds are no place for wild animals.

David S.
Kentucky Venues
Hickory American Legion Fair
Carolina Classic Fair
Boone County Fair Board
Mississippi Valley Fair
Brevard Production Inc./Space Coast State Fair
Brevard Production Inc./Space Coast State Fair

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