Despite Dog Deaths, These Companies Continue to Sponsor the Iditarod

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There's no sport in forcing dogs to pull a sled until they collapse from exhaustion or die after inhaling their own vomit. Aspiration pneumonia—a lung infection caused by inhaling vomit, among other things—is the leading cause of death for dogs who don't survive the Iditarod, and it killed a dog named Oshi in the 2019 race. Oshi is one of more than 150 dogs who have died since the Iditarod started, not counting those who died during the off-season while chained up or who were killed because they couldn't run fast enough.

bloody chained dog

The Iditarod's approximately 1,000-mile course requires that dogs run about 100 miles a day for around 10 days, with very little rest. They're subjected to biting winds, blinding snowstorms, and subzero temperatures. Their feet may become bruised, bloodied, cut by ice, and just plain worn out because of the vast distances that they're forced to cover. Some have frozen to death, and others have been strangled by towlines, had heart attacks, or died from internal bleeding.

dogs forced to race

A growing list of companies—including ExxonMobil, Chrysler’s Anchorage Dealership, Coca-Cola, Costco, Jack Daniel's, Maxwell House, Nestlé, Pizza Hut, Rite Aid, Safeway, State Farm, and Wells Fargo—have already cut ties with this death race. Please send polite emails to Deborah Johnston, Director of Business Operations at Alaskan Brewing Company, at [email protected] to urge them to sever their ties with the Iditarod.

Then, use the form below to urge Providence Alaska Medical Center, Ryan Air and Northern Air Cargo to end their sponsorship of this abusive race.

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