Urge Rapper Drake to Stop Supporting Animal Abuse

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Trapped before being bludgeoned, or shot to death, then skinned—this is the fate of coyotes caught in steel traps for Canada Goose jackets.

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PETA has urged rapper and singer Drake to cut ties with the company, informing him that the fur on its jackets comes from coyotes whose necks are crushed or whose legs are cut to the bone—often making their deaths excruciatingly painful, terrifying, and prolonged.

Yet Canada Goose continues to add coyote fur to its parkas, and Drake's company, October's Very Own, continues to partner with it.

The cruelty doesn't end there. Every Canada Goose jacket is stuffed with the down feathers of birds who suffered terribly. Workers at one of the company's suppliers grabbed geese by the neck, often two in each hand, and crammed them into transport trucks so tightly packed that they couldn't even lift a wing. The birds were then transported to a slaughterhouse, where they were hung upside down and their throats were slit.


The good news is that there are many warm and luxurious materials that can be used in place of fur and down. That's why brands such as Gucci, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, The North Face, and Patagonia no longer use fur—and why outerwear companies such as HoodLamb, Save the Duck, and Wully Outerwear are stuffing their coats exclusively with innovative down-free materials.

We're just saying, Drake: You could do better. There's no excuse for an artist and role model of your caliber to disregard the acute suffering of these sensitive, feeling beings. Please cut ties with this company immediately, and moving forward, partner only with progressive brands that don't harm animals.

October’s Very Own (OVO)

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