Help a Cold, Neglected Dog This Winter

Right now, dogs forced to live outside are enduring winter’s worst: freezing temperatures, rain and mud, and wind that chills them to the bone. These dogs need your help.

Will you change a cold dog’s life by donating an emergency care package today? Your support will go straight to work helping dogs suffering through the harsh elements without adequate care and shelter.

All funds donated through virtual care packages will support PETA’s Community Animal Project and its vital work to help companion animals.

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Help feed a neglected dog for a week

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Provide a cold dog with insulating straw

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Supply a dog with a tangle-free tie-out

This item costs $10


Provide two dogs with flea and tick prevention.

This item costs $30


Provide rubber flooring and construction materials for a PETA doghouse.

This item costs $50


Give a dog lifesaving veterinary care.

This item costs $100


Sponsor a sturdy new PETA doghouse

This item costs $265


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How can a care package make a life-changing difference for “backyard dogs”?

Every day, PETA helps lonely dogs who are languishing in backyards, longing for a friend. Sometimes, these dogs don’t even have basic food or shelter.

PETA’s Doghouse Program allows donors to create a customized care package to help these neglected “backyard dogs” find some relief from their misery. Care packages can include food, medicine, and a custom PETA doghouse.

Midnight Before

Dogs have been found living in all types of horrible, makeshift shelters, made from overturned trash cans, pieces of a rotting wooden fence, or even piles of garbage. These dangerous excuses for shelter cannot protect dogs from the frigid winter temperatures or snowstorms, leaving them vulnerable to freezing and even death.

Midnight After

Unlike many store-bought doghouses, PETA’s custom-built ones protect dogs from the harsh winter elements. The broad, sloped roof shields the dogs from rain, and the straw helps insulate them from the wind and cold.

Robo’s Story

Robo was confined to a backyard cluttered with trash, using an empty dresser to shield himself from the elements.

But thanks to the care packages of generous supporters, we were able to provide him with a doghouse. Now, he has adequate shelter during the harsh summer months, and PETA fieldworkers still visit regularly to give him/her cuddles, toys, and ongoing care.

And Robo isn’t the only one we’ve helped! Rascal was tangled up in his chain and only had a crumbling stack of junk for shelter when PETA fieldworkers found him. We gave him a new doghouse and replaced his heavy chain with a lightweight tie-out, and now he’s thrilled to have some room to move about.

So many other lonely dogs need our help. Will you donate a life-changing care package today? (Remember: You can now fund two care packages for the price of one, thanks to the generous matching-gift offer from PETA donor David J. Reuben!)

Our Community Animal Project’s Work in Action (Thanks to Kind Supporters Like You!)

Your support powers our vital work for dogs. Help us do even more to reach dogs and other animals. Donate a care package today.

Thanks to a generous group of donors supporting PETA's work, an additional gift of $75 will be made to benefit our Investigations & Rescue Fund for each new monthly donor who gives via this form until December 31, 2024, or until the $75,000 campaign goal is met. Donations made after the goal has been met will not qualify for the extra $75 gift, but they'll still make a tremendous difference to animals.

All funds donated through virtual care packages go to the Community Animal Project to provide the resources most needed for dogs in distress.

A monthly gift of $  will help dogs survive this winter's icy grasp.

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Make a monthly pledge today and we'll receive a $75 MATCH from a generous PETA member to protect more animals!