Urge Travel Company Tiqets to Stop Supporting SeaWorld’s Cruelty

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SeaWorld is a hellscape where dolphins and whales are confined to cramped tanks and forcibly impregnated to create generations of new animals for profit. Over 100 companies have already made the compassionate decision to ditch the notorious company, yet Netherlands-based travel company Tiqets is still selling tickets to the abusement parks.

These animals are denied nearly everything that’s natural and important to them, causing them to suffer physically and psychologically. Chronic stress, likely caused by the deprivation they endure and the frequent performances they’re coerced into, puts them at higher risk of illness and even death. They’re sexually abused as part of SeaWorld’s sordid breeding program, which involves pulling them out the water and sometimes even drugging them so they can’t fight back.

In their natural habitats, dolphins have dynamic relationships with large social networks and swim vast distances. But at SeaWorld, over 100 of them are crammed into just seven small tanks. Preventing them from diving deep, choosing their own mates, and escaping attacks from other frustrated animals for the purpose of entertaining humans is a form of speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview.

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