Tell Castle's Bears to Stop Forcing Nanook and Tutter to Perform Demeaning Tricks

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Bears don't ride bicycles, do handstands, or balance on balls in nature. Yet Castle's Bears dresses bear sisters Nanook and Tutter in ridiculous costumes, muzzles them, yanks them around on leashes, and forces them to perform demeaning and possibly painful tricks for many Shrine circuses.

Eyewitness video footage shows one of the bears urinating in apparent distress when pulled by a leash and forced to walk on her front legs.

And in a report from last year, an expert who observed Castle's Bears noted that the bears were managed through "fear, coercion, and punishment"; weren't provided with proper care and welfare; and suffered from ongoing physical and psychological trauma.

Tell Castle's Bears to stop forcing bears to perform confusing tricks and retire them to reputable sanctuaries where they can have the opportunity to roam, swim, and forage.

James and Tepa
Castle's Bears

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