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Despite being cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the illegal transfer of newborn wild cats two years in a row, A Walk on the Wild Side—a roadside zoo in Washington County, Oregon—is still condemning animals to a life on display at fairs and public events.

Last year, Steven Higgs, the owner of the facility, was cited for illegally transferring a 2-week-old tiger cub more than a thousand miles, from Oklahoma to Oregon, and he was cited the previous year for transporting two 3-week-old bobcats from Florida. He's also been cited for keeping animals in unsafe enclosures—including those with broken and sharp wire mesh and exposed metal—as well as having inadequate perimeter fencing around dangerous animals.

Animals like big cats used at fairs and other public events have to deal with frightening sounds and endure gawking strangers. Not only are they denied everything that's natural and important to them—like exploring vast home ranges of up to hundreds of square miles—they are also forced to travel in cramped trailers and often exhibit signs of distress and depression.

Please use the form below to tell A Walk on the Wild Side to stop exhibiting wild animals and urge it to retire the animals at its facility to reputable sanctuaries.

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