Urge New Jersey Legislators to Support 'Pet'-Grooming Regulations!

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You've heard the horror stories—companion animals becoming injured or even dying at the hands of animal groomers, as happened to a dog named Bijou, who reportedly died as a result of a groomer's negligence. Too many victims have succumbed to heat exhaustion in drying cages, been strangled on tethers when they fell from grooming tables, or been seriously hurt in falls. Animal groomers—who are entrusted with the care of countless beloved animal companions every year—aren't currently required to be licensed by the state of New Jersey. Legislators have wisely introduced "Bijou's Bill," Assembly Bill A3044. If passed, this legislation would require that all groomers be licensed by the state as well as mandate specific safe-handling and animal-care requirements at grooming facilities. This bill has passed in the Assembly and is now awaiting passage in the Senate, so your swift action is urgently needed!

Using the form below, please contact your New Jersey senator and urge him or her to vote "Yes" on A3044.

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