Urge Canadian Lawmakers to Reject Proposed Amendments That Would Prevent Citizens From Providing Aid to Animals and Documenting Abuse

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The Parliament of Canada has proposed sneaking an amendment into an existing “animal health” law to punish activists with up to six months in jail and fines of up to CA$50,000 for entering a factory farm in order to document cruelty or provide aid to suffering animals. Please urge your legislators to OPPOSE Bill C-275.

While PETA’s work focuses on undercover investigations and protests on public property, this law is detrimental to animals because it’s intended to deter people from exposing cruelty to animals, providing them with aid, and protesting by engaging in civil disobedience activism—while ignoring that factory farms themselves are the greatest threat to animal health because they pack stressed animals into crowded sheds in which diseases can spread like wildfire.

Chickens in the egg industry are crammed into tiered cages, with the feces of animals above dropping onto them. In the pork industry, pigs are kept for years on slatted concrete floors suspended over vats of their own waste. Investigators have even found animals on Canadian farms in these manure pits, abandoned to a slow, agonizing death by drowning or starvation.

These same factory farms’ practices are often exempt from many provincial animal welfare laws. Common industry practices include killing male chicks, who are useless to the egg industry, by gassing them or throwing them into a shredder and killing unwanted piglets by swinging them by their legs and bashing their head on the floor.

There have been no known cases of disease outbreaks due to undercover investigations. If lawmakers really want to address animal health, they should crack down on common industry practices that make animals sick, not people who are working to expose unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

Please urge Canadian lawmakers to reject the proposed federal law that would protect filthy factory farms while curtailing activism!

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