Urge These Travel Companies to Stop Promoting Bull Torture!

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Every July, a barbaric bloodbath takes place at the San Fermín festival in Pamplona, Spain, called the Running of the Bulls. Many tourists don’t realize that the bulls who are chased down the cobblestone streets during the bull runs are later stabbed to death in the city’s bullring. At least 48 bulls are tormented and killed, yet some companies still sell tickets to attend this cruel event.

Each morning, a rocket is launched to terrify the skittish bulls so they’ll charge onto city streets lined with screaming tourists, who frequently hit them as they pass. The panicked animals fall as they’re chased down the narrow streets and often smash into walls, sustaining broken bones and other injuries. This violent atmosphere encourages violence against women as well: There have been numerous reports of sexual assaults during the festivities.

Later in the day, the bulls are forced into the ring. Bullfighters have been known to drug the animals to weaken them, drop sandbags on their backs, shave their horns to throw off their balance, and rub petroleum jelly into their eyes to impair their vision. The bulls are stabbed multiple times with spears, harpoons, swords, and a dagger. Often, they’re left paralyzed but still conscious as their ears and tail are cut off and presented as trophies to the matador (which means “killer” in Spanish).

Bulls are sentient beings with unique personalities who form complex social bonds. The Running of the Bulls causes them extreme suffering, and they never make it out alive. Yet several travel companies are still fueling this blood sport. Please send a polite e-mail to Philip Ross, owner of PJ Ross & Associates, at [email protected] to urge the business to stop selling tickets for and promoting the Running of the Bulls. Then, use the form below to urge other travel companies to do the same.

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