Animal Protection Laws Across the Country Are Under a New, Serious Attack

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This is beyond sickening: Federal lawmakers are considering the Exposing Agricultural Trade Suppression (EATS) Act—which would prevent states from passing laws to protect animals and undo existing animal rights legislation, including bans on foie gras sales in California and New York City and bans on gestation crates for mother pigs in several states.

Awareness of the extreme cruelty involved in the production of meat, eggs, and foie gras has led some states to pass legislation to ban or regulate their production. If passed, the EATS Act could strip states and localities of their right to enact standards for and conditions on the production or manufacturing of agricultural products sold or offered for sale via interstate commerce when those standards differ from federal law or the laws of other states. In effect, this would allow a state where the primary industry is factory farming to set woeful animal-raising standards that would then be imposed on the rest of the country.

Countless animals have been spared because cities and states have enacted laws that are much stronger than those currently attainable at the federal level. In California, for instance, it’s illegal to produce or offer for sale foie gras from force-fed birds.

Ducks and geese used for foie gras experience love, pain, joy, and fear, just like the dogs and cats who share our homes. They love their families, are fiercely protective of their hatchlings, and will chase away other birds or anyone else who attempts to come near them. To confine and force-feed them is an abomination.

Please urge your federal lawmakers to protect animals by opposing the EATS Act of 2023.

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