Urge Southwest and American Airlines to Offer Vegan Creamer

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Let’s take flights to new heights—with vegan creamer! Southwest and American airlines have a first-class opportunity to cater to the rising demand for dairy-free options for the coffee they serve. But we can’t pressure them alone—we need you on board. Please urge these airlines to embrace ethical, planet-friendly vegan creamer.

Like human mothers, cows produce milk for one reason: to feed their babies. Cows are forcibly impregnated many times during their short, miserable lives, and their babies are taken from them within hours of birth, leaving the mothers to grieve—all so their milk can be stolen for human consumption. When their bodies have become worn out from continuous pregnancy and lactation, they’re sent to slaughter. Countless travelers use dairy creamer in their coffee—when many would opt for dairy-free if given a choice of products.

Millions of Americans are lactose intolerant. An estimated 95% of Asian Americans and 80% of Indigenous people and Black Americans experience symptoms such as bloating, gas, cramps, vomiting, headaches, rashes, and asthma when they consume dairy. And cow’s milk has been linked to everything from cancer and heart disease to diabetes and strokes. Compare dairy to fortified soymilk, which contains high levels of essential nutrients like calcium, protein, and vitamins D and B12 but has none of the cholesterol, hormones, or cruelty. It’s also better for the planet.

We know that transportation, especially air travel, fuels the climate catastrophe. But not enough of us know that animal agriculture is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, species extinction, deforestation, and other environmental disasters worldwide. And numerous studies have shown that ditching meat and dairy is the best way to reduce our environmental impact. So buckle up and join us in urging Southwest and American airlines to take flight toward compassion and sustainability. Thank you for being a “wing person” in our mission for positive change.

Robert D.
Isom, Jr.
American Airlines Group, Inc.
Southwest Airlines

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