Coconut Cloud May Unknowingly Be Supporting Monkey Labor in Thailand

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Coconut Cloud, a manufacturer of coconut milk creamers and other coconut-based products, insists that it doesn’t support monkey labor—but it obtains coconuts from Thailand, and there’s no way to guarantee that monkeys weren’t used to pick them. Coconut Cloud even sources coconut milk from provinces where PETA Asia investigators found rampant use of monkey labor.

PETA Asia’s third and latest investigation into Thailand’s coconut industry revealed that wild baby pig-tailed macaques are still being kidnapped—many illegally—and chained, whipped, and later forced to spend long hours picking heavy coconuts. Their canine teeth are sometimes removed so that they can’t defend themselves. Eventually, they just give up and comply.

The investigation also revealed that Thai coconut industry insiders are deliberately hiding the use of monkey labor in their supply chain. A coconut broker said some buyers told him to stop trading coconuts picked by monkeys, but he still does it. Another broker admitted to PETA Asia investigators that coconut pickers simply lie about using monkey labor. Brokers continue buying coconuts picked by monkeys and selling them to companies that make coconut products, and those companies and the government tout their audit system, even though it relies primarily on coconut producers’ word.

In nature, macaques live in large groups with strict hierarchies and an intense focus on social relationships. But juvenile monkeys slated to be trained to pick coconuts were seen being kept in cages away from other members of their own species, sometimes with no food or water nearby and insufficient access to shade.

Fortunately, many companies—including Cha’s Organics, CocoGoods, Good & Gather, and Trader Joe’s—already offer products made from coconuts picked in countries other than Thailand. Please join us in asking Coconut Cloud to be certain that it’s using only ethically sourced coconuts by not using coconuts from Thailand.

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