JCPenney Uses Cruel Devices That Kill Animals—Act Now!

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Despite knowing that glue traps cause prolonged suffering, JCPenney continues to use them.

Glue traps—small boards coated with a sticky adhesive—indiscriminately inflict terrifying deaths on mice, squirrels, birds, endangered species, and even small companion animals who get stuck on them. They tear off animals’ fur, feathers, or skin as they panic and struggle in a desperate attempt to escape—some will even chew off their limbs.

Trapped animals can languish in agony for days until they die of injury, exhaustion, starvation, or dehydration. Some victims’ noses, mouths, or beaks become stuck in the glue, causing them to suffocate. Before they die, they continue to produce urine and feces, which can spread dangerous pathogens, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns the public not to use the devices for this reason.

Mice and rats are highly social beings who will go to great lengths to help others in distress. Mice sing love songs like birds (but at ultrasonic frequencies) to woo a romantic partner. Infant rats giggle while enjoying playful tickling. Much like us, if these animals don’t have companionship, they can become lonely, anxious, depressed, and stressed.

Target, CVS, Dollar General, and Walgreens have banned the sale of glue traps, and hundreds of others have stopped using them. Please contact JCPenney to demand that it stop using these cruel devices immediately.


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