In Honor of Lolita, Urge Miami Seaquarium to Release Dolphins to a Seaside Sanctuary

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On August 18, 53 years after being abducted from the ocean and robbed of her home, her family, and her freedom, Lolita died in the world’s smallest orca tank, at the Miami Seaquarium. Plans to move her to a seaside sanctuary came too late, and she was denied even a minute of freedom to dive deep and feel the ocean’s currents. While it’s too late for Lolita, it’s not too late for the dolphins still suffering at the marine park.

In their natural homes, dolphins can swim up to 60 miles per day, exploring new territories with their families, but at the Miami Seaquarium, all they can do is swim in endless circles in tiny tanks. Holding them captive for amusement is a form of speciesism—a human-supremacist worldview—and it must end. Lolita died in this marine park prison, and the other dolphins still confined there need help now, before they suffer the same fate.

Please sign the petition below urging The Dolphin Company—the owner of the Miami Seaquarium—to release the remaining dolphins at the facility to a seaside sanctuary. Then send a polite e-mail to its CEO:

Eduardo Albor
CEO, The Dolphin Company
[email protected]


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