Ask Oatly to Join PETA in Urging Starbucks to Drop Its Unfair Vegan Milk Upcharge

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Starbucks continues to charge extra for lattes and other blended drinks made with Oatly and other plant-based milks—up to 90 cents a cup—demonstrating that it doesn’t give a frap about animals, the environment, or anyone who is lactose intolerant, many of whom are people of color. Oatly (which PETA loves for being both delicious and kind to cows) is in a unique position to help end this vegan upcharge. Please urge the company to push Starbucks to remove the extra charge on its products.

Charging more for vegan milk incentivizes customers to opt for dairy, even though the industry rips calves away from their mothers and is a top producer of the greenhouse gases that are driving the climate catastrophe. The upcharge also punishes millions of people who are lactose intolerant, including an estimated 95% of Asian Americans, 80% of Native Americans and African Americans, and 60% to 65% of Indians.

Starbucks stores in many countries have dropped the upcharge or offer at least one vegan milk without an additional fee. And the chain’s competitors, like Caribou Coffee, offer dairy-free milk at no extra charge.

Please act now to help end the vegan upcharge!


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