Princess Cruises Is Exploiting Vulnerable Puppies—Urge It to Stop Now!

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Princess Cruises is using vulnerable puppies who are bred by the dog-sledding industry in cruel and reckless photo-op encounters on its Alaskan cruises. After these exhausted and overwhelmed puppies are used for entertainment on cruise ships, they’ll likely spend most of their lives outdoors at the end of a short chain—denied warmth and companionship—and may even be forced to race in the deadly Iditarod.

Being handled constantly by crowds with no way to escape or rest can have dangerous effects on the health, well-being, and socialization of these puppies as they become exhausted from overstimulation and a lack of proper rest. Not only are these interactions physically and emotionally exhausting, they also put the puppies at exceptional risk for disease and illness because they’re being handled by hundreds of people before their immune systems are fully developed. And because these dogs are likely warehoused at dog-sledding kennels, they could spread zoonotic diseases—such as skin and gastrointestinal parasites as well as bacterial and fungal infections—to the public.

These puppies are the same as those we share our homes and our hearts with and who only want loving companionship and safety. Using them as pawns for the dog-sledding industry to spread dangerous misinformation with no regard for their health or well-being is a form of speciesism—a human-supremacist worldview.

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