Join PETA in Urging CosMc’s to Drop Its Unfair Vegan Almond Milk Upcharge

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McDonald’s just launched a beverage-driven café chain called CosMc’s that’s charging customers an extra fee for choosing almond milk in their blended drinks. It’s hoping to attract young, hip, conscientious consumers—with an old, obsolete, unsustainable strategy.

Almond milk is delicious, kind to animals, and environmentally friendly. CosMc’s should be encouraging people to order their lattes and iced coffees vegan. But it’s unfairly charging 79 cents extra for making drinks dairy-free.

Studies show that in the U.S., the overwhelming majority of people who opt for nondairy milks do so because they taste great—and more than a third of Americans suffer from lactose malabsorption and can’t tolerate dairy milk. Meanwhile, other people choose vegan milk out of compassion for animals and concern for the planet. Using animals for food, including for dairy, is one of the leading causes of the climate catastrophe.

Animal advocates want CosMc’s to stop charging customers more for almond milk. Consumers shouldn’t be penalized for wanting to help animals and the planet. Please join us in urging the chain to do the right thing.

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