Demand That Mackage Finally Stop Selling Fur!

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Outerwear clothing brand Mackage continues to sell products made with fur despite former claims by the company that it would end this practice. Rather than creating fashions from stylish faux fur, it implemented a halfhearted approach to address consumers’ outrage and plans to continue buying fur throughout 2024. Mackage chooses to support an archaic industry that violently kills blue foxes, raccoon dogs, and other animals. We need your help to encourage Mackage to stop purchasing fur today!

Most of the world’s fur comes from fur factory farms, where animals are confined to cramped wire cages that are often caked with feces and rotting food. They’re deprived of the opportunity to engage in natural activities, such as burrowing, climbing, and caring for their young. Many animals on fur factory farms slowly go insane from the stress of intensive confinement before being gassed, electrocuted, or killed in other crude ways.

Raccoon dogs are monogamous by nature. Males support their pregnant partners by providing them with food, and the mated pairs work together to raise their offspring.

Mackage claims that the brand’s clothing is “steeped in [its] commitment to sustainability,” but there’s nothing sustainable about using fur.

The cruel fur industry has a detrimental effect on the planet. Producing an item made of animal-derived fur is often more than 10 times more damaging to the environment than producing a faux-fur item. Fur factory farms produce harmful runoff: Massive amounts of phosphorus-containing feces seep into soil and waterways, killing aquatic animals.

Companies like Mackage that continue to sell fur are complicit in this cruelty and environmental destruction. The only way to end the suffering of animals exploited by the fur trade is to refuse to sell the material, which is why hundreds of popular designers and retailers—including Armani, Burberry, Canada Goose, Chanel, Gucci, Macy’s, Michael Kors, Moose Knuckles, Stella McCartney, and Versace—are entirely fur-free.

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