Tigers, Bears, and Other Wild Animals Are Slated to Appear at These Fairs

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Wild-animal shows are on their way out. Circuses are shutting down or dropping their animal acts, and hundreds of venues and dozens of communities have banned them. Yet some fairs still appear to support the exploitation of certain individuals—including tigers, bears, monkeys, and sea lions, whose only fault is not having been born human—for mere entertainment.

Tigers have home ranges of hundreds of miles in which they roam, swim, climb, choose their mates, and raise their young. But those exploited for fairs are carted from city to city inside cramped transport cages and displayed or forced to perform tricks that have no meaning to them. And elephants—who walk up to 30 miles a day in nature—are often forced to give rides at fairs. They live under the constant threat of being hit with bullhooks—sharp steel-tipped weapons resembling a fireplace poker—in the most sensitive parts of their bodies.

Please urge fairs to leave wild animals out of their upcoming events and all future ones.

Salem Civic Center
Carver County Fair
Floyd County Fair Society
Worth County Fair Board

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