Tell Fleet Feet and Rabbit to Stop Promoting Milk Marathon

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Running gear companies Fleet Feet and Rabbit have partnered with Every Woman’s Marathon, an event organized and funded by the dairy industry. Make no mistake: It’s an attempt to use the concept of women’s empowerment to convince women to buy more cow’s milk for themselves and their families even though dairy is a product of intense exploitation of female anatomy and motherhood. Please urge Fleet Feet and Rabbit to reconsider their support for this deceptive event immediately!

Cows are intelligent, socially complex individuals who develop friendships over time and sometimes even hold grudges against other cows who treat them badly. They produce milk only when they’re pregnant or nursing, just like human mothers. Using what industry insiders have called a “rape rack,” farmworkers sexually assault cows by impregnating them via a syringe shoved into their vagina to force them to become pregnant and produce milk. Their calves are taken from them soon after they’re born so farmers can steal their milk and sell it to consumers. This causes both the mother and baby extreme distress. Mother cows on dairy farms can often be heard bellowing for their babies for days.

The value of a cow on a dairy farm is entirely tied to the industry’s exploitation of her reproductive system. If she can’t get pregnant and lactate, she is considered useless to the industry and is killed. It’s absurdly hypocritical for the dairy industry to organize a marathon that honors women when its entire business is built on exploiting females.

And cows aren’t the only ones who suffer because of the dairy industry. Humans aren’t meant to drink cow’s milk, so it isn’t surprising that approximately 70% of the human population and millions of Americans, including up to 80% of African and Latine Americans, are lactose intolerant. Consuming dairy raises a person’s risk of developing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other serious illnesses.

The dairy industry is desperate to get women back to drinking cow’s milk, and Fleet Feet and Rabbit are propping up this cruel, filthy industry by supporting the grossly deceptive Every Woman’s Marathon.

Please urge Fleet Feet and Rabbit to reconsider their promotion of this hypocritical, anti-female event.

Greco Lee
Fleet Feet

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