Indiana: Demand Action for Victims of Hellhole Blood Bank

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A PETA undercover investigation into The Veterinarians’ Blood Bank (TVBB) in Jackson County, Indiana, where more than 900 dogs and cats are caged for life and repeatedly bled, revealed horrific suffering. VCA Animal Hospitals and BluePearl Pet Hospital have since stopped buying blood from the company. However, state and local officials haven’t yet taken any meaningful action to render aid to these animals or hold the company accountable. Please join PETA in urging Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb to use his influence to help the animals who are suffering at this cruel operation.

Many dogs had pressure sores—like the one on this dog’s abdomen—from being made to lie on hard kennel floors, deprived of even the minor comfort of a resting platform.

TVBB treats dogs and cats like living blood bags. About every three weeks, workers take from each one’s jugular vein what would amount to 2 cups of blood from a human. The animals are perpetually confined to barren kennels or crowded pens. Some were elderly, emaciated, and sick with upper respiratory infections, bone cancer, and other health problems. Yet their blood was sold to be given to other critically ill or injured animals—putting both the unwilling “donors” and the recipients at risk.

Stray kittens as well as dogs and cats seeking good homes and found through online ads or Facebook posts have ended up caged and repeatedly bled at TVBB. A manager offered workers $200 for each cat they brought to the facility, saying, “Where you get [them] from is not my business.” She said that she acquired other cats from online ads seeking a good home for them. After a worker brought in kittens she said she “found off … Facebook,” one died, apparently having received no veterinary care.

A manager said that she planned to abandon Jane—whose blood had been drawn for sale less than three weeks prior—at “a barn out in a field” because she was too sick to be used for blood draws. PETA’s investigator adopted Jane and provided her with veterinary care.

Months have gone by since PETA’s investigation broke, and we’ve submitted detailed requests to Indiana authorities—but state and local officials have yet to act in a meaningful way, and this case has stagnated. That’s why we need you to speak up for the hundreds of dogs and cats who are still languishing day after day in this miserable prison.

Please urge Holcomb to use his leadership to help these forgotten, suffering animals.

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