End the Use of Animals as Living Factories

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Facilities across the U.S. keep rabbits, cows, goats, sheep, llamas, and other animals in bleak conditions and force them to endure painful procedures in order to make antibodies, which are later used in research. In these procedures, the animals are injected with viruses, bacteria, or other foreign substances and then bled repeatedly or killed for the antibodies that their bodies produce in response. PETA has obtained photos from inside facilities where these procedures are conducted—including ProSci Inc. and Pi Bioscientific—and they show the neglect, abuse, and dirty, wet conditions that the animals imprisoned there endure.

sheep in filthy conditions
This March 2016 photo shows sheep being held in filthy, wet conditions at Pi Bioscientific.

emaciated goats
Emaciated goats were seen at Pi Bioscientific in March 2016.

rabbits with head tilt
This July 2015 photo shows rabbits with head tilts and in need of veterinary care at ProSci Inc.

neglected and ill rabbits
Neglected and ill rabbits were seen at ProSci Inc. in July 2015.

In this photograph from March 2016 (left), rabbits are being kept in barren wire cages at ProSci Inc. This July 2015 photo (right) shows a rabbit with untrimmed toenails being kept in a dirty, barren wire cage at ProSci Inc.

horses in filthy wounded conditions
These photos show a horse with wounds (left) and horses kept in substandard living conditions (right) at antibody-production facilities in India. (Photos courtesy of PETA India)

Scientifically superior methods of producing antibodies that don't require animals are available, yet scientists continue to exploit living, feeling beings. Please sign the petition below to show your support for ending the use of animals to produce antibodies. It will be used to promote the use of non-animal antibodies by universities, scientific associations, and regulatory agencies.

Please end the use of animal-derived antibodies and develop, fund, and purchase modern, animal-free alternatives

The continued reliance on animal-derived antibodies is impeding scientific research and public-health advancements. Leading scientists agree that animal-derived antibodies are of poor quality and can't be reliably reproduced and that a shift to more modern, animal-free technology must occur. This technology—such as recombinant antibodies and aptamers—can be used everywhere that animal-derived antibodies currently are and will save time and money and prevent tremendous animal suffering. We urge you to stop developing, funding, and purchasing antibodies produced using animals and, instead, invest in scientifically superior, animal-free alternatives.

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