Urge Yaamava' Resort & Casino to End Its Support of the Cruel Exotic-Skins Trade

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Despite having been informed of the suffering uncovered in Hermès’ supply chain, Yaamava' Resort & Casino still chose to raffle off a crocodile-skin Himalaya Birkin bag on May 1.

PETA investigators documented the appalling conditions in which animals are farmed and killed for Birkin bags, belts, and watchbands. Alligators are packed on top of each other in dank pools, and crocodiles are confined to crowded, barren concrete pits for months or even years. Then, the animals are slaughtered for their skin. PETA’s investigator documented that workers at a factory in Hermès’ supply chain crudely hacked into the necks of alligators and that one worker tried to scramble their brains with a metal rod.

An investigative video released by Kindness Project filmed on farms owned by Hermès revealed that crocodiles were kept in cramped, barren conditions and then mutilated before being slaughtered. The animals were electrocuted and dragged from their cages as they convulsed. Workers shot a bolt gun into the animals’ heads, severed their spinal cords, and scrambled their brains with a screwdriver. Crocodiles breathed rapidly and tried to stand minutes after this horrific ordeal.

Crocodiles exploited for their skin are deprived of the opportunity to engage in natural behaviors, including digging tunnels, playing, protecting their young, and using tools to hunt, as they would in nature. In their natural habitats, Nile crocodiles can live to be up to 80 years old, but at some facilities, they’re slaughtered at around 3 years old.

Please join PETA in urging Yaamava' Resort & Casino to pledge never to hold a similar contest.

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