Urge the University of Nebraska to Halt Hazardous Balloon Releases

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Update: A Huskers balloon was recently found on a beach in New York, more than 1,200 miles away from the school, and days later, the team still released more of the hazardous items. Please contact Huskers officials now.

For the past 50 years, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln has released thousands of balloons at each of its home football games. Balloons are an environmental hazard and can travel vast distances before finally bursting and falling to the ground or into bodies of water. Animals then mistake the fragments for food and consume them, which can result in choking and, sometimes, suffocation. Land animals have starved to death after their intestines became blocked with balloon fragments. Wild birds have been found with balloon latex binding their necks, beaks, and legs. PETA and others have repeatedly contacted University of Nebraska officials to ask them to consider alternative game-day traditions but to no avail. They refuse to forgo this dangerous tradition, claiming that their balloons are "biodegradable" and have cotton strings. However, studies make it clear that even biodegradable latex balloons can take as long as four years to break down and that cotton strings can take months and pose a severe risk to wild animals, who can become entangled in them, in the interim. Each balloon release is tantamount to littering thousands of pieces of hazardous trash per week. Your help is needed!

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Using the form below, please contact University of Nebraska officials and politely urge them to stop releasing balloons. Then, forward this alert to everyone you know.

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