IKEA: Stop Selling Furniture Made Using Slaughtered Animals

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International furniture company IKEA claims to be committed to tackling climate change and inequality, yet it continues to sell products made of leather, which is destructive to the environment and causes animals immense suffering. Please join us in calling on IKEA to stop selling leather.

Cows are intelligent, sensitive animals who can feel pain and fear, just like us, but in the leather industry they’re burned, electroshocked, beaten, and slaughtered. Cows and other animals who are killed for their skin endure the horrors of factory farming: extreme crowding and deprivation as well as castration, branding, and tail-docking—all without any painkillers.

Leather is no friend to the environment. Animal agriculture and its methane- and nitrous oxide–rich products, including leather, are leading contributors to the climate catastrophe.

A growing number of forward-thinking companies now use vegan materials to create cruelty-free furniture. In the past, IKEA has made positive changes by expanding the plant-based options on its menus around the globe. Now join PETA in asking it to make another compassionate choice by ditching leather.

van Dam
IKEA Group

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