Urge Prosecutor to Uphold Indiana’s Cruelty Statute and Charge Hoarder Who Left Animals to Die

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A recent PETA undercover investigation into Isaiah 11 Ministry—a self-proclaimed “rescue” near Warsaw, Indiana—found that its owner, Linda Ozier, had deprived animals of veterinary care for infections, open wounds, and other ailments, even when they were dying.

Ozier knowingly failed to seek veterinary care for Pearl, a severely sick cat, and intended to leave her to die slowly. Pearl suffered from parasitic, viral, and bacterial infections that would have been treatable if she had seen a veterinarian earlier, but Ozier allowed her health to decline until she was severely emaciated and too weak to even stand. After Ozier agreed to let PETA’s investigator adopt Pearl, they rushed her to an emergency veterinary clinic, but despite days of intensive round-the-clock care, a veterinarian determined that euthanasia was the most compassionate option for her.

Local residents had been raising concerns about the abysmal conditions for animals at Isaiah 11 for more than a year, but authorities failed to take any meaningful action until after PETA had investigated. Only then did the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office remove the surviving animals from the site, with our help. Cats the sheriff’s office and PETA removed from the property were suffering from serious health issues, including upper respiratory and ear infections, an injured eye, diarrhea, parasites, muscle wasting, emaciation, and chronic, painful wounds. Some were dehydrated, and nearly all of them were ravenous.

The sheriff’s office submitted the case to Kosciusko County Prosecuting Attorney J. Brad Voelz for review, but he has been unresponsive on the matter for many weeks. Legal action must be taken to prevent Ozier from acquiring and neglecting more animals. Please join us below in urging Prosecuting Attorney Voelz to file criminal charges against Ozier and to seek a court order barring her from possessing any animals.

The Honorable J. Brad

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