90 Elephants Killed—Urge Botswana to Act NOW!

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A few years ago, Botswana rightfully banned the coward's pastime of trophy hunting and the country's anti-poaching unit was the best in the region—if not the world. Members of the armed unit patrolled elephants' habitats, while the country's military was mobilized throughout the region, tasked with preventing poaching. In April, a new government took power, and it disarmed the anti-poaching unit shortly after taking office.

In recent months, nearly 90 elephants in Botswana have been found killed for their tusks.


Outrage is worldwide. Decent humans everywhere are appealing to Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi to reinstate anti-poaching efforts, which were once applauded internationally, to protect the 130,000 elephants—the largest population in Africa—who call Botswana home.

In May, the anti-poaching unit was disarmed as part of a broader action in which military weapons and equipment were withdrawn from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks, according to a government statement. Now, the government is reconsidering its ban on elephant hunting.

In addition to the elephants, five white rhinoceroses have also reportedly been poached in the area in recent months.

Please let David John Newman, Botswana's ambassador to the U.S., know how strongly you feel about protecting Botswana's wildlife and urge him to use his influence to defend animals.

Ambassador David
John Newman
Botswana Embassy

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