Help Make ‘Peppa Pig Theme Park’ Safe for All Animals—Not Just Pigs!

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Hasbro is opening a new Peppa Pig Theme Park in Texas. Its theme park by the same name in Florida already refrains from serving any pig meat because it recognizes the horrible irony, so why sell food that exploits other animals like Carol Cow or Mrs. Cow?

For years, Peppa Pig has shown its audience that pigs are not sources of bacon but individuals with emotions and unique personalities. Children have a natural empathy for animals and would be horrified to learn that Miss Rabbit’s Diner simply substitutes pepperoni made from pigs with pepperoni made from gentle cows. Miss Rabbit would never butcher her intelligent chicken friends to serve nuggets or steal a mama cow’s milk to make cheese pizza.

Please join PETA in urging Hasbro to leave all Peppa’s friends off the menu by serving only vegan food.


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