Urge Pet Stop to Send Frankie the Capuchin to an Accredited Sanctuary

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In nature, Frankie the capuchin would be living in a large family group. He and the others would race together through the uppermost canopies of a vast rainforest with astonishing speed and agility. But at Pet Stop in Kansas, Frankie is kept in a cage all alone in the middle of the retail store.

Photo courtesy of Mallory Shump

Denying him the chance to participate in species-specific behaviors as a member of a large social group so that the store can treat him like a novelty decoration displays the business’s speciesism—a human-supremacist worldview.

Photo courtesy of Mallory Shump

But there’s real hope for Pet Stop to do right by Frankie. An accredited sanctuary has the capacity to accept him. Pet Stop can give him the best opportunity he has to experience things that are important and meaningful to him by sending him to a true sanctuary so he can join a large social group and enjoy a much more naturalistic setting than the center of a retail store.

Ask the owner of Pet Stop to do what’s best for Frankie by sending him to a real sanctuary!

Pet Stop Inc.

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