Crocodiles Hacked Apart for Exotic Leather: Urge Grand Seiko to Ban It!

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Watchmaker Grand Seiko has been informed that crocodiles suffer greatly in the exotic-skins trade, yet it continues to sell watch straps made of their skin.

Crocodiles are excellent mothers, diligently protecting their eggs and nests from predators. But in the exotic-skins industry, they’re denied everything that’s natural and important to them and then violently killed.

PETA has released investigative footage of the exotic-skins industry revealing that crocodiles are held in barren concrete pits for months or even years before finally being killed for their skin. Their necks are cut into and metal rods are rammed down their spines in a crude attempt to kill them. And the Kindness Project released video footage showing crocodiles on Hermès-owned farms in Australia confined to barren concrete pens, electrocuted, knifed, shot, and mutilated with a screwdriver.

Every time PETA entities investigate the exotic-skins industry, the facts are the same: Miserable animals are forced to live in sordid conditions before being killed in violent ways. According to reptile expert Clifford Warwick, many of the “slaughter” methods commonly used on reptiles merely incapacitate them—rather than killing them right away—often leaving them conscious throughout evisceration and skinning.

Every watch strap made of reptile skin represents pain and suffering for these complex animals. Please join PETA in urging Grand Seiko to drop exotic skins without delay!

Grand Seiko (Seiko) USA

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