Shame on These Malls for Working With SeaQuest Aquariums!

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Across the country, reports of animal neglect, deaths, legal violations, and injuries to the public have piled up at SeaQuest aquariums, which are owned by Vince Covino.

sharks at aquarium

Here's just a glimpse of the issues so far:

  • At SeaQuest Las Vegas, former employees reported seeing birds stepped on and killed, turtles crushed by children, and an octopus boiled alive when the tank's water temperature changed. An otter also died at this aquarium, and a capybara escaped while being transported in an open truck bed.
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued SeaQuest Fort Worth in Texas a critical repeat citation after five sugar gliders became trapped in a PVC pipe and died horrifically.
  • Within a month of the grand opening of SeaQuest Folsom in California, a stingray kept in a touch tank died—and the body was reportedly discovered by visitors, not staff. At this same location, a visitor captured video footage showing that it took minutes for staff to return a fish to the water after the animal jumped out of an uncovered tank.
  • SeaQuest promotes dangerous, direct-contact encounters with wild animals, which have caused a substantial number of physical injuries to unsuspecting customers, including when an iguana latched onto the arm of a 3-year-old boy at SeaQuest Fort Worth, when a coati named Gus bit a visitor and an employee at SeaQuest Layton in Utah, and when a sloth bit a guest during an encounter at SeaQuest Roseville in Minnesota.

A company that exploits animals for profit, ignores the law, and brings controversy and bad publicity to the community doesn't belong at these malls—or anywhere else.

Please contact Layton Hills Mall in Layton, Utah; The Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas; and Woodbridge Center in Woodbridge, New Jersey, to express your disappointment over their support of SeaQuest aquariums:

Then, using the form below, please take a moment to express your disappointment to the following malls:

  • Palladio at Broadstone in Folsom, California
  • Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth, Texas
  • River Ridge Mall in Lynchburg, Virginia
  • Rosedale Center in Roseville, Minnesota
Ridgmar Mall
Ridgmar Mall

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