Senior-Living Company Apparently OK With Forcing Bears to Perform

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Earlier this year, Brookdale Senior Living, Inc.—the largest owner and operator of senior-living communities in the country—took a stand against animal abuse when it committed to not organizing visits to Bearadise Ranch in Myakka City, Florida. But PETA received reports that individuals from a retirement center believed to be a Brookdale property recently visited the facility, so we need your help to remind the company why it made this commitment in the first place.

Bearadise Ranch forces bears at its facility to perform tricks that have no meaning to them, like pulling hoops over their heads, pushing a cart while walking upright, playing "bearsketball" (carrying a basketball while walking on their hind legs), and balancing on balls. The Welde family, which owns Bearadise Ranch, also carts the bears across the country inside cramped transport cages and forces them to perform at fairs and other events.

bear carted around for performances
A state inspection at the Florida State Fair found that when not performing, this bear was kept in a cramped travel cage.

The public is turning away from exploitative businesses like this. More than 650 retail venues and dozens of communities nationwide prohibit wild-animal exhibits, the abusive traveling act The Great Bear Show recently shut down, and the North Carolina Black Bear Festival ended all animal displays.

Please join us in urging Brookdale to recommit to not visiting Bearadise Ranch—or any other facility that forces animals to perform—again.

Lucinda M.
Brookdale Senior Living, Inc.

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