Urge Texas Community to Halt Deer Massacre!

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Land's End, a residential community in Yantis, Texas, recently began trapping deer in nets and then transporting them to be slaughtered. Every moment that they're entangled in netting is a terrifying eternity for these easily frightened prey animals, who can badly injure themselves in frantic attempts to escape. Bucks are often then physically restrained while their antlers are hacked off with loud reciprocating saws. Imagine the horror felt by any wild animal being bound and transported to be slaughtered—an ordeal during which they're subjected to noise, vibrations, the stench of blood, and handling by humans while they're unloaded, corralled, and ultimately killed. Please take a moment to view video footage of this notoriously inhumane process being conducted by another Texas community. Ultimately, killing deer actually backfires, because the resultant spike in the food supply accelerates breeding among survivors and inevitable newcomers, causing populations to increase.

PETA has implored the board members of the Land's End Homeowners Association to stop the killing to no avail—so now it's your turn! Please politely urge the association to focus instead on humane deer-control measures that are effective over the long term.

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Land's End Homeowners Association
Land's End Homeowners
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