Yellowstone Bear World: Stop Forcing Vulnerable Cubs Into Cruel Photo Ops!

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While Yellowstone National Park is home to large populations of wild bears, Yellowstone Bear World breeds bears, holds them captive, and forces the cubs to take part in cruel public encounters.

Wild bear cubs naturally play, explore, and socialize with one another and their mothers for several years. But at Yellowstone Bear World, they're taken away from their mothers prematurely, forced into close proximity with humans—who they would naturally shun—and are exploited for bottle-feeding encounters with the public as well as carted to crowded events to be used as props for tourists' photos.

bear cub used for photo ops

These practices are highly disruptive to curious and vulnerable bear cubs, and they can result in long-term psychological and, likely, physical issues as the cubs develop.

bear cub crying out in staff arms

The public is turning away from the exploitation of bears and other animals for entertainment. Last year, an abusive traveling act called The Great Bear Show shut down and sent the bears it had held captive to a reputable sanctuary and the North Carolina Black Bear Festival ended captive-bear and all other live-animal displays.

Please join us in calling on Yellowstone Bear World to stop breeding bears and to end cub photo ops and other public encounters.

Yellowstone Bear World

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