Yellowstone Bear World: Stop Breeding Bears for Cruel Cub Encounters!

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While Yellowstone National Park is home to large populations of wild bears, Yellowstone Bear World in Idaho breeds captive black bears, forces the cubs into cruel public encounters, and often ships them across the country to other sordid animal exploiters.

In nature, black bear cubs play, explore, socialize with one another, and stay with their mothers for two years. But Yellowstone Bear World takes cubs from their mothers when they’re just weeks old—sometimes before they’ve even opened their eyes—and forces them into exploitative photo ops and bottle-feeding encounters. By severing the cubs’ bond with their mothers and making them suffer through stressful and unnatural contact with human crowds, the roadside zoo puts baby bears at risk of long-term developmental issues.

Yellowstone Bear World has also shipped cubs to other roadside zoos and dubious dealers, including Tiger King’s infamous “Joe Exotic.” Since 2012, it has sent 84 black bears to notorious exotic-animal wholesaler Gregg Woody, who has sent dozens of bears to slaughter over the last two decades.

bear cub crying out in staff arms

Please join us in calling on Yellowstone Bear World to stop breeding bears and to end cub photo ops and other public encounters.

Yellowstone Bear World

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