Urge Little Debbie to Show Compassion for Cows and Hens With Vegan Snacks

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Dessert snack company Little Debbie was started by a family and was even named after the founders' granddaughter, Debbie. So we know how important family is to this business. But humans aren't the only species to love their families. Mother cows bond with and nurture their young, and hens communicate with and protect their chicks. Yet throughout the years that Little Debbie has been making baked goods—during which time the company has been passed down through four generations of the family—it has exploited and destroyed the families of countless generations of cows and hens for its dairy- and egg-laden cakes, cookies, and brownies.

For every child who opens his or her lunchbox and finds a cream-filled treat made by Little Debbie, there's a panicked baby cow being ripped away from his or her crying mother and a grieving hen whose precious eggs were just stolen from her for the umpteenth time. We don't want that! We want the option to buy dairy- and egg-free baked goods.

cow used for dairy
Milk used in Little Debbie's snacks comes from cows who suffer in the merciless dairy industry.

Vegan food is only growing in popularity, and it's hard not to find delicious meat-, egg-, and dairy-free products at grocery stores and restaurants these days. Little Debbie would likely make a lot more money if it showed a little compassion for animals by adding some vegan items to its product line. Urge Little Debbie to offer some kind snacks for kind kids.

McKee Foods Corporation
McKee Foods Corp

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