UGG Takes a Step Toward Going Vegan—Urge It to Go All the Way

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Update (December 13, 2022): Another victory for animals! Following numerous e-mails from PETA, Deckers Brands—which owns UGG, Koolaburra, and others—has finally made the compassionate decision to stop using alpaca fleece. The company recently announced that it will no longer use the material in any products by fall 2023.

Even though Deckers Brands has taken this stride for alpacas, UGG continues to use the fleece and skin of sheep. Urge it not to support this cruelty any longer by signing the action alert below!

Update (March 12, 2021): UGG, whose footwear has all been made out of animal bits and pieces, has just announced the launch of a entirely vegan line—something that PETA and thousands of compassionate people campaigned hard for and that will help prevent gentle sheep from being castrated, mutilated, and violently killed.

This great first step is yet more proof that the future of fashion is vegan—and now we must get UGG to ditch all its shearling and wool. Take action below!

Original post:
When you see UGGs in the store, you may not think about the sheep who were killed for them, but these boots are often made of sheepskin—the actual skin of an individual animal.

…but UGGs are often made of sheepskin, meaning each boot is made from the actual skin of an individual animal …

So if you wear UGGs, you have to wonder:

Were the sheep you're wearing castrated, or did workers dock (cut off) their tails without painkillers?

Were they torn away from their mothers when they were just babies?

Were they stomped on? Punched in the face? Kicked over and over again?

Were they kept in an area that was so crowded that they couldn't even move?

Were they left alone to die a slow and painful death, or were they violently slaughtered?

And if you got to meet these sheep while they were still alive—before they were turned into boots—would you have tried to protect them from being hurt or would you have paid the person hurting them?

Sheep are gentle, sensitive animals who are emotionally complex and highly intelligent. They care for each other and can recognize their friends’ faces even if they’ve been separated for years. Yet the wool industry continues to treat them as if they were nothing more than wool-producing machines.

Here’s what the choice to use animal-derived materials means:

Tell UGG to choose only vegan materials and to STOP supporting the exploitation and slaughter of animals.

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