Tell Cargill That It's Lost Your Business Thanks to Circle S Ranch Turkey Truck Wrecks

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On January 4, 2019, Tony A. Mason was hauling turkeys through Henry County, Virginia, when he ran off U.S. Route 220 and overturned his truck. Many turkeys suffered and died in the crash. According to court records, Mason was cited for failing to maintain proper control of the vehicle and not wearing a seatbelt.

Mason was hauling turkeys for Circle S Ranch, Inc., which has a long and sordid history of crashes such as this one.

Please join us and help prevent turkeys from suffering in these wrecks—and from enduring all the other pain and misery that this industry causes them.

turkeys overturned in a truck crash

Tractor trailers hauling live turkeys for Circle S crashed three times on the same road in Henry County between June 2012 and February 2017. The company's teams didn't arrive until more than four hours after each wreck occurred.

Eyewitnesses reported that turkeys with broken bones and other serious injuries weren't relieved of their suffering on site. Workers allegedly tossed them against coops, causing their heads and wings to strike the metal frames.

After the 2012 crash, approximately 540 turkeys—piled on top of one another in transport cages and denied shade—slowly suffered and died from apparent heat-related stress on the side of the road.

turkeys suffering in truck crash

PETA contacted the company after learning that the driver responsible for the crash in 2013 had been convicted of driving while impaired, driving while his license was revoked, and speeding.

PETA called for criminal investigations of the 2012 and 2017 crashes and posted action alerts regarding this issue, prompting thousands of you to urge the company to improve its crash prevention and response plan. Your support helped to push Circle S to take action at last. PETA is again working to try to help Circle S prevent more crashes like these.

Turkeys need you—again—to help end this for good!

The surest way to prevent more turkeys from being tossed off Circle S trucks and strewn across the asphalt—as well as sparing them all the misery that the meat industry inflicts on them—is to stop eating these intelligent birds.

With so many delicious, healthier options, it's never been easier to leave all turkeys off your plate—and by doing so, you'll spare birds the traumatic and arduous journey to the slaughterhouse.

For years, Circle S has hauled many millions of turkeys to a slaughterhouse operated by Cargill Turkey, which sells turkey flesh under brands including Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms.

Please tell Cargill that you'll never again buy turkey from it, in light of Circle S' egregious history of transport wrecks and in honor of all the birds who have suffered and died in them.

I won't buy your turkey because of Circle S wrecks

Dear Mr. MacLennan,

I've just learned of the latest in a long history of crashes involving trucks hauling turkeys for Circle S Ranch, Inc. I understand that Circle S has hauled millions of these birds to your slaughterhouse and that some of these wrecks have occurred en route to your Dayton, Virginia, plant.

Despite years of such wrecks as well as a criminal investigation and sustained concern from law-enforcement agencies and the public, Circle S has failed both to prevent crashes and to respond appropriately when they do occur. Please impress upon Circle S that it must take measures to prevent such crashes and all the pain they cause if it wants to keep doing business with you.

In honor of the thousands of Circle S turkeys who've suffered and died on the roads, I'll never again buy any turkey from Cargill or its brands—and I'm encouraging my family and friends to do the same.

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