California: Bears, Big Cats, and Other Animals Used in Circuses Need Your Help!

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Bears, tigers, and other wild and exotic animals don't ride bicycles, walk on their front legs, jump through hoops of fire, or give rides because they want to—they do it because they're afraid of the consequences that they'll face if they don't. But California is considering a bill that would end this abuse in the state, and we need your help as a resident to get it passed right away.


These animals are dragged from city to city in cages, chains, or cramped trailers and forced to perform demeaning, confusing, and often painful trucks under the threat of bullhooks—sharp steel-tipped rods that resemble fireplace pokers—whips, and other weapons.

Both New Jersey and Hawaii have already banned the use of all wild animals in traveling acts. Senate Bill 313—California's Circus Cruelty Prevention Act—was approved by the California Senate Appropriations Committee and is now onto the California Senate. Please tell your senator that you support this bill.

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