Ask Animal Adventure Park to Stop Breeding April the Giraffe to Make Money off Her Babies!

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Animal Adventure Park, a seedy roadside zoo in upstate New York continues to treat April the giraffe as a breeding machine in order to profit off her. Once again, the facility livestreamed her giving birth for their money-making scheme.

A new report by PETA Foundation Supervising Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. Heather Rally, Captive Animal Law Enforcement Research Associate Whitney Kent, and Vice President Delcianna Winders explains the dark side of breeding giraffes and the truth behind Animal Adventure Park's exploitation of these animals. Giraffes aren't completely weaned until they're at least 1 year old, and mothers and their calves often stay together their entire lives. However, April has been separated from all her calves when they were between the ages of a few weeks old to a year and a half.

Animal Adventure Park has been cited for numerous violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act, including failing to provide animals with adequate veterinary care, allowing them to escape, and endangering their safety. Conditions for giraffes at roadside zoos such as Animal Adventure Park are far from adequate. Giraffes are social animals who have vast ranges in their natural habitat, but at roadside zoos, they're kept in cramped, barren enclosures and sometimes in solitary confinement. In addition, the lack of adequate foraging opportunities and the barren environment often result in abnormal behavior patterns, including pacing and repetitive licking.


Study after study shows that unnatural exhibits such as those at Animal Adventure Park can undermine legitimate conservation efforts by misleading the public into believing that the species must not be in jeopardy, when, in fact, giraffe populations in the wild are plummeting. None of April's calves will be reintroduced into the wild. Instead, they're frequently traded between shady roadside zoos to be exploited for profit just as their mother is.

The world should be mourning—not celebrating—the birth of yet another giraffe who will spend his life in conditions that deprive him of everything that's natural and important to him. Urge Animal Adventure Park to stop breeding April and other giraffes and to stop tearing babies away from their mothers.

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