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Update: July 1, 2020
In response to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine's recommendation released today that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) "[d]evelop a strategic road map to incorporate … non-animal approaches, into its biomedical research," PETA is urging the VA to review our groundbreaking Research Modernization Deal, which outlines a scientific plan to do just that by advancing human health without harming animals and notes the recognition of sentience in dogs and other species as having played a role in the public's growing opposition to animal testing.

Severing dogs' spinal cords and implanting pacemakers in them do nothing to address military veterans' real health needs. The VA should do this by using the most sophisticated, non-animal technology available, such as synthetically engineered human cardiac tissue and advanced computer models, not shamelessly wasting taxpayer dollars on abusing and killing dogs and other animals in misguided, flawed, and deadly experiments that don't apply to humans because of significant physiological differences between species.

Take action below to urge the VA to adopt more humane, non-animal testing methods that will better be able to help our injured veterans.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has completely missed the point.

Because of immense public pressure, the VA is considering ending its use of dogs in horrifically invasive and cruel cardiac experiments. This should be good news.

But the VA says that it's looking into tormenting and killing pigs instead.

Americans love dogs, but in some parts of the world these animals are slaughtered and consumed. Pigs are highly intelligent, emotionally complex beings who value their own lives and have the ability to suffer. Cultural attitudes toward various species shouldn't dictate the VA's actions—it's not acceptable to harm any animal. Switching the species used is no more meaningful than changing the color of a lab coat. The VA would still be subjecting sentient animals to distressing experiments. It must seek out superior, humane methods and leave all animals alone.

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The VA has an opportunity to become a leader by adopting non-animal research methods for helping our wounded veterans—who need and deserve an agile, forward-thinking organization behind them.

Take action below to join PETA in strongly condemning the VA's decision to swap species in its cruel tests and urge it to adopt more humane, non-animal testing methods that might actually help our injured veterans.

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