Antioch College Still Plans to Slaughter Nine Lambs: Take Action Now!

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Time is running out! Antioch College in Ohio still plans to slaughter nine lambs it used as "lawnmowers" this summer and feed them to students in the dining hall. Recently, a PETA activist asked school officials to end this ongoing practice in honor of her late son, an Antioch alum, and the school cruelly turned down her heartfelt request, instead asking her for $1 million to save the sheep—but only so that it could buy new lambs to slaughter.


Eating meat is unhealthy, unsustainable, and unnecessary, and it's both vital and timely that a standard of compassion be set so that students understand that treating any sentient being as inferior and exploiting them for food is speciesist and just plain wrong.

There's still time for Antioch officials to change their minds and show true compassion to these animals. PETA is ready to help them find a permanent home for these lambs at a sanctuary where they can live out their days in peace.

Sheep exist for their own reasons. They aren't lawnmowers, and they aren't dinner. Please urge Antioch College President Tom Manley to reconsider slaughtering these lambs and work with us to relocate them to a sanctuary, rather than sending students the dangerous message that defenseless individuals are nothing more than objects to be exploited and killed.

Manley, Ph.D
Antioch College
Antioch College

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